Controlled Atmosphere (CA), what is it?

With consumers demanding more chemical-free food products, Controlled Atmosphere (CA) combines low oxygen with careful monitoring of fruit stress, thus offering an effective way to keep various fruits & vegetables in good condition for longer without the need for chemical products.

Why Pakistani Produce?

  • Because our climate and soil is ideally suited to grow some of the best fruits in the world.
  • Pakistan can offer the best combination of price and quality (flavor, texture, size) because of relatively cheap labor and exceptionally conducive climate.
  • Pakistani Mangoes are some of the sweetest, are world renowned and we are one of the top 10 exporters of Mangoes in the world.
  • Mandarin (Kinnow), because of its superior taste is one of the quickest growing exports of Pakistan with an increase of 33% in 2016.
  • Pomegranates, grown in the region of Swat, have exceptional taste because of the well drained loamy soil of the region. The sub-continent has the highest production of Pomegranates in the world.

Why Hac Agri?

We go to the farmers directly, so they get the best deal and our customers the best produce.
We have stringent rules about hygiene throughout the process from procurement to distribution, because our customers’ health matters.
Our CA facilities are state-of-the-art and the only one of their kind in Pakistan.
We are backed by partners who, like us, believe in reducing food wastage and improving yield for the betterment of all.

Our Equipment

We have 22 acres of land, 54 km near Lahore, which is the financial & manufacturing hub of Pakistan.

  • The facility has 20 CA rooms with a capacity of 150 tons each summing up to a total of 3,000 tons. There are also 3 high tech blast chillers for pre-cooling (before putting the product in the CA rooms). The high tech & advanced CA equipment has been procured from a legendary Italian firm which is the most reliable name in CA Storage. The facility has customized washing, grading, waxing and innovative packaging for National and International customers.

Land Area

Total Area 801,900 sqft (178 Kanal – 4 Marla)
Covered Area 145,000 sqft (for Process Area, Utilities Area and Amenities)
Uncovered Area 659,900 sqft (for future expansion)

Major Suppliers

Standardized Practices

Food Safety and Quality Objectives
  1. Standard of manufacturing/storage/handling that complies with the current version of the BRC Global standard for Food Safety.
  2. All food handlers have received basic food hygiene training.
  3. There is an authorized release of products only when they have been confirmed as complying with agreed specifications.
  4. A product is released into the market place only after it complies with relevant customer, statutory and regulatory requirements.
  5. To endeavor, at all times, to maximize customer satisfaction and reduce complaint levels year on year.
  6. To pro-actively promote and encourage a culture of continuous improvement within the company by measuring performance and taking action on regular basis.

ESM (Environmental Safety Measures)

HAC Agri's management lays great emphasis on the preservation of the environment. Compliance of the National Environmental Quality Standards (NEQS) will be ensured. Raw materials containing CFC or other toxic materials detrimental to the environment will not be used. A water treatment plant will be installed in the second phase which will treat all waste water before disposal. 2000 trees have to be planted within the facility or its surrounding area as per HAC Agri’s agreement with the Punjab Environment Protection Department. 402 trees have already been planted.