Controlled Atmosphere (CA) store technology, how it works?

HAC Agri has established a Controlled Atmospheric Cold Storage facility, a first of its kind in Pakistan. Controlled Atmosphere technology, as opposed to conventional cold storage, is used worldwide to keep fruits and vegetables fresh for a longer period of time. Under this technology the nutritional integrity of fruits and vegetables is maintained along with its shelf life, quality, taste and aroma. The growth of micro-organisms is eliminated by automatically controlling atmospheric conditions i.e. temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen (N2), oxygen (O2) and ethylene (C2H2). The objective is the safety of fruits, vegetables and other food items in the entire cold chain to add higher value to the local produce for export and domestic markets.

Our Vision

Delivering freshness as nature intended.

Our Mission

We contribute towards the agricultural sector by adding value, reducing & managing post-harvest losses and always providing high quality fresh, nutritious, hygienic fruits & vegetables. We aim to build an organization around a consumer and performance based culture where individuals work together as a team to insert their passion and creativity as the heart of HAC Agri.

HAC Agri’s Philosophy

  • Develop the Un-developed – Potential Markets & their Framework.
  • Explore the Un-explored – Innovative Agri Products & Packaging.
  • Manage the Un-managed – Post-harvest Losses, Supply Chain & Grower’s Well-being.

Beliefs & Core Values

The following Beliefs & Core Values are held supreme by all involved in
the business and are the guiding beacon for all actions and decisions.


  • Customer is always right.
  • We shall provide value to customer & never cheat.
  • People are our greatest assets.
  • We shall never compromise on quality.
  • We shall continually improve.

Core Values

We Can Do It

Every member of the HAC family is empowered and knows that every challenge is an opportunity worth exploring and overcoming. We never give up.

We Will Get It

On our journey we’ll win some and lose some, but we have a stout sense of ownership that we face every challenge all the way. We own our defeats just as we own our victories. We remain open to the changing world and embrace it, not run from it. All this is second nature to us as we are driven by our need to achieve the best.

We Won’t Do It

We will always do right by every single stakeholder of ours. We will never betray the trust of the ones around us whether by our actions or by our product.

We say “We”

HAC Agri is a family and we value diversity from all walks of life across our entire company. We know as individuals we can deliver but together we can achieve the impossible.

HAC‘s Goals and Objectives

HAC Agri’s goals and objectives are in line with Pakistan and the Agricultural Storage industry:
  • To conduct operations with utmost integrity & transparency and promote ethical business practices.
  • To provide a world class fruits and vegetables processing facility to the agriculture sector.
  • To procure and store the best produce for Local & International customers.
  • To anticipate customer’s needs & changing life-styles.
  • To manage post-harvest losses.
  • To innovate in packaging.
  • To educate farmers.

Head Office

The HAC Head office is a state of the art facility locted in the Quaid-e-Azam industrial Estate, lahore