Welcome To HAC Agri

HAC Agri was established in 2015. We have setup a CA (Controlled Atmosphere) Store for Fruits and Vegetables on a 21 Acre plot of land near Lahore. The multi-million dollar project is partly funded by UK Aid and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (Karandaaz).
In Phase I, the store has a capacity of 3,000 metric tonnes, spread over 20 CA rooms each with a capacity of 150 metric tonnes. Phase II and III will add another 3,000 metric tonnes each, for a total capacity of 9,000 metric tonnes.


To ensure the highest quality, HAC Agri procures directly from the farmers.
We currently supply the following products to the Local and Export markets.


We go to the farmers directly so they get the best deal and our customers the best produce.

We have stringent rules about hygiene throughout the process from procurement to distribution, because our customers’ health matters.

We are backed by partners who, like us, believe in reducing food wastage and improving yield for the betterment of all.